Cinco Santos en diario Reforma de México

Mezclan diversidad musical

La música es el eslabón que une a las personas y enlaza fronteras. Tal es el caso de la banda Cinco Santos, que mezcla los orígenes de cada integrante del grupo; Daniel Jimenez de Colombia; Lorenzo Montero de Canada; Jesse Stern de Estados Unidos; Willard Lozano de México y Emiliano Almeida de Argentina.


Cinco Santos en Multimedios

La banda promociona ‘Un Millón de Años’, el primer corte de su segundo álbum. El electro pop resuena con Cinco Santos, banda que promociona el sencillo “Un Millón de Años”, parte del disco Evolución.


Cinco Santos reinventa su sonido

Una mezcla de culturas es lo que se puede encontrar en la banda Cinco Santos, quienes estuvieron de visita en nuestro país promocionando su más reciente sencillo Un Millón de Años.

Cinco Santos en el Sol de León

Cinco Santos van por un millón de años y música. Después de tres años están de regreso… Por Vanessa Fernandez


Cinco Santos en El Heraldo SLP

En su reciente visita a la capital potosina  el trio musical llamado Cinco Santos  visitó a los medios de comunicación…

El Sol de Irapuato

Cinco Santos en El Sol de Irapuato

Por Paul Witrago R.

El grupo “Cinco Santos” visitaron el periódico El Sol de Irapuato en donde dieron a conocer su más reciente sencillo “Un Millón de Años” que se desprende de su álbum “Evolución” un tema que ha sorprendido a este grupo por su alto índice de popularidad que está sonando en radio y redes sociales.

Durante la entrevista los integrantes Jesse, Daniel, Lorenzo, Emiliano y Sejo, señalaron que este sencillo es una referencia a esta etapa más electrónica y el tema describe el devenir de una relación amorosa que se perpetua y reaparece en distintos momentos de la vida de sus protagonistas.

Click here for full clip. 


La banda Cinco Santos presenta Evolución

Daniel Jiménez, vocalista e integrante de la banda Cinco Santos, compartió en entrevista detalles de su más reciente sencillo ‘Un millón de años’, tema que se desprende del álbum ‘Evolución’.


Cinco Santos nos presenta 'Un millón de Años'

La agrupación argentina nos platica de qué se trata esta canción. Ver video a continuación…


Cinco Santos, cinco sonidos diferentes

Por Mayela Gomez 

Monterrey, N.L.- Es difícil encontrar bandas con sonidos únicos, con integrantes internacionales y con mucho talento. Cinco Santos es una Banda Electro pop- rock que se formó en el 2013, conformada por DanielWillardEmilianoJesse y Lorenzo, actualmente están promocionando Un millón de años.

En entrevista para nuestra página web, nos platicaron como fue que se formó la agrupación, planes a futuro y de su nuevo sencillo.

FULL INTERVIEW HERE: https://lightsontv.com/cinco-santos-1


¡Festival Digital muy ‘hot’!

La Tarde, Monterrey N. L.,  Estrenos de discos y sencillos calentaron ayer el ambiente del Festival Digital 102.9, que reunió a 17 mil personas en la Arena Monterrey. La diversión inició desde las 16:00 horas con el debut en Monterrey de la banda Cinco Santos, que llegó procedente de Los Ángeles.


Arman tremenda fiesta

El Horizonte, Monterrey, N.L. Ha*Ash, Aleks Syntek, JNS, Matisse, Cinco Santos y Alexander Acha fueron algunos de los artistas que se presentaron ayer en la Arena Monterrey, encabezaron el elenco del Evento Digital 2017, el cual fue organizado por la estación de radio Digital 102.9 y reunió a más de 17,000 asistentes (cifra oficial).

"Un poco de ti" Sleepingbag review

…it’s kind of like what you’d imagine a Spanish Radiohead’s version of “High And Dry” might sound like with a danceable vibe; it has a similar fragile, delicate beauty to the chord structure and a dreamy way of floating us through the chilled-out vibe.  Truly a faultless gem of a song… intoxicating to listen to, the good-stuff dreams are made of…

"Un poco de ti" TunedLoud review

This is just a fantastic fusion of musical elements. If you like songs that have a little depth, elements that your soul can feed on, yet at the same time can be a fun and captivating listening experience. This music fits that description. And Cinco Santos knows how to deliver it. These guys deserve to hit it big and I think they will!…

"Un poco de ti" Bandcamp review

Creating a great atmosphere …This song in particular makes me think of some of the best stuff by Counting Crows and Nickelback, where the rock and roll energy blends in perfectly with the band’s remarkable pop edge and interesting latin influences, adding a touch of amazing personality to the album.

"Azucar y amor" Parlante amarillo

Azucar y Amor Is the first single from “Duplicidad” the debut production from Cinco Santos. While their music is a fusion of styles such as rock, pop, flamenco, and contemporary urban rhythms, it has a particular and unequaled stamp by the way they have been greatly combined. Parlante Amarillo, Colombia.


Duplicidad review

Formed by Lorenzo Montero of Canadian and Spanish decent, Cinco Santos embodies the spirit of Latin fusion incorporating various singers, guitarists, and musicians from Mexico, Colombia, and Argentina. The moving “Azucar y Amor” is a gypsy, flamenco, and fusion tune with jazzy, Latin elements that are ripe with roots, folk, and breezy rhythms. “Nunca Mas” is an edgy, Latin fusion track with a choppy beat and great guitar accompaniment. “Te Quiero Aqui” opens with an industrial element that quickly delves into a Latin jazz and flamenco tune. “Duplicidad” begins with a jingly guitar and bass opening that includes an edgy vocal line that infuses a lighter guitar accompaniment throughout. There is a mix of grunge, Latin jazz, and Latin pop with rock, roots, and folk throughout. Without a clearly-defined path, Cinco Santos feel better forging their own path of music with mixed Latin influences for a truly engaging and charming mix of music. Fans of Latin fusion, jazz, Latin rock, flamenco, gypsy, and South American pop will love “Duplicidad”. ~ Matthew Forss Inside World Music

Candela cover

Candela on Kuadro

Our friends at Revista Kuadro a Mexican online and print magazine did a feature on our “Candela” single.

Cinco Santos on Notimex

Cinco Santos on Notimex

Cinco Santos got a feature in Notimex (the National Mexico News Agency) so our article got covered by various newspapers around the country of Mexico.

Jesse Cervantes

Cinco Santos with Jesse Cervantes

During our media tour of Mexico with the Duplicidad album Cinco Santos got covered by famous mexican conductor Jesse Cervantes.

Meet Cinco Santos, the New Sensation in Spanish Rock

Living Out Loud: How do you feel about where you are in your career?Daniel Jimenez: We’re very excited about the release of the album. It’s been a wonderful project for us to develop, and we’re very happy to be sharing our work with our fans.

LOL: Would you say your unique blend of distinct musical styles is what has distinguished you as a band?
DJ: Yeah. Everyone brings their own different influence, and we all have great chemistry together. All that is conducive to an ideal working environment and makes everything go smoothly. This blend has served us well, and “Candela” and “Azúcar y Amor” are great examples of that.

LOL: Are you satisfied with the response to the album so far and where you are as a band?
DJ: We’re currently promoting the album independently, and that’s a constant struggle. It requires a lot of effort on our part, but we put all we have into it. We also have support from Criteria Entertainment, and they have helped us reach fans and get media exposure. We’re confident we’ll be a hit soon, but like I said, getting here has been a struggle.
Lorenzo Montero: Besides it being a great pleasure, I personally feel very fortunate to be part of Cinco Santos. Finding what we have together is like finding a needle in a haystack. Everyone knows that there are countless bands in L.A., and for us to have the following we’ve gained is fantastic. We’re glad everything has lined up the way it has because it’s allowed us to make the music we want.

LOL: What message do you wish to send with “Candela”?
DJ: “Candela” is one of the songs we wrote as a band and explores how we feel, and how as Latinos we tend to be very passionate in our way of loving and doing many other things. The song talks about this, relating it to parties, relationships and a night in the city – all of which have contributed in shaping our emotions.
LM: I think this is particularly true for Latinos living here in the U.S. because that fire is also reflective of our optimism of being in a place where we can pursue a better life. That, in one way or another, changes how your roots develop and your culture, and despite how we assimilate, we’ll always have that passion with us.

LOL: Tell us about the songwriting process and how you go about selecting the right tracks.
DJ: We write some independently, and then bring them in and all contribute with arranging; we also write some together. That’s something we’ve been doing more lately. We’ll get together in a circle and just write there and exchange ideas. We’re very happy with this method, and so far it’s served us very well.

LOL: Will you guys give it up if you don’t find the success you are looking for soon?
LM: I think success starts as soon as one is able to do what they love. Because of that, I see that we are already successful. We all have freedom of expression and have done what we wanted. Also, the fact that we get along so well and concur as much as we do, is success in itself. That said, if commercial success doesn’t come soon, we’ll keep working at it because we’ve invested so much into it. We’ve made it this far because of the respect we have for one another, and we wear our hearts on our sleeves and gladly give them up for our fans.

Edison Millan contributed to this story.

Ramon Aviles is a Staff Reporter for Living Out Loud – LA, covering lifestyle and entertainment.